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Name:McCoy Reboot - Star Trek XI's Bones & Karl Urban
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Community for Star Trek XI's Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy and Karl Urban
Welcome to [community profile] mccoy_reboot, a community dedicated to Star Trek XI's good doctor Bones and the actor who portrays him Karl Urban. Please observe a few simple rules:

1. Flaming, derogatory comments about other members, and other uncouth behavior will not be permitted. Let's act like southern gentlemen, shall we?

2. Fanart, fan fiction, music mixes etc are welcome. Please use appropriate warnings where necessary.

3. "Real people fiction" is permitted but Karl Urban should be the focus rather than a sparkly original female character of your own creation with whom Mr. Urban falls desperately in love.

4. Large images and all fiction more than 100 words long must be placed behind a cut.


For more Bones goodness, see [community profile] kirk_mccoy and [community profile] mccoy_chekov
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